We are Proud to Publish our First Report.

“We are proud to publish Ultrafabrics’ inaugural sustainability report. Since founding Ultrafabrics 22 years ago, a commitment to responsible community engagement and care for our people and planet have always been core values.  In 2019 we engaged in an intensive strategy development process to take our sustainability commitments to the next level.  Despite the uncertainty and obstacles that we, along with our customers and suppliers, faced, we came together in new ways to move our work in sustainability forward.

We look forward to partnering with each of you as we work towards a more sustainable, brighter future for our industry, and for the generations to come.”


                 -    Danielle Boecker-Primack, President, and Clay Rosenberg, CEO


Below are a few sustainability highlights from across our business during 2020.

Please find our full inaugural sustainability report here.


Ultrafabrics Is Reducing and Reusing Water

In 2020, we focused on reducing our water use from the coagulation bath, an important, yet historically water intensive part of the production process. Through our new distillation process, we are now able to recycle much of the treated water from this process, reducing our total fresh water use by between 5% - and 10%. This saves up to 3.2 million gallons of water annually (based on our 2019 total manufacturing water use).


Ultrafabrics Is Reducing and Diverting Waste

We have a long-term commitment to eliminate waste from our manufacturing processes and from unsold inventory or product returns. During 2020, we established baselines for manufacturing and inventory waste, implemented new inventory control measures, and continued our donation programs, all of which will help to reduce and, ultimately, eliminate our waste. In 2020, we reduced our waste intensity by approximately 10%. This includes significant reductions across waste from manufacturing defects and scraps, product returns and discontinued inventory. 


Process Health & Safety Highlight

Our goal is to eliminate accidents and reduce health impacts from chemical exposure. In line with this goal, over the last few years, we’ve implemented measures to improve safety procedures at our mill. This has resulted in a reduction of workplace injuries of 55% from 2019 to 2020 for every 200,000 hours worked. We look forward to continuing our journey towards fully eliminating accidents from our manufacturing facilities. 


Transparency & Reporting Highlight

We published our first sustainability report! Beginning in 2021, we will be publishing an annual sustainability report. We look forward to further aligning with global sustainability reporting standards, as well as sharing our new targets and progress in future reports.