About our sustainability objectives: We have set ambitious, “future-fit”, long term goals in the action areas outlined below. In each area, we are assessing our current state, defining KPIs, and setting concrete time-bound targets for action.

We recognize that achieving true sustainability may require technical and material solutions that do not yet exist, and we share our journey in the spirit of authentic transparency. As we gather data, initiate new research, and advance material innovation we will continually update this page - we invite you to follow our journey here.

Employee & Community Wellbeing

Ultrafabrics' employment culture is collaborative and inclusive, encouraging participation and welcoming ideas from all of its employees. We support our local communities through extensive volunteering and philanthropic engagement.

Long term Objectives:

  • Promote an inclusive, collaborative work environment, where all employees can access opportunities for wellness and growth
  • Foster a culture of sustainability, engaging our local communities with volunteer support, charitable giving, and development opportunities

Supply Chain Traceability and Human Rights

We aim to extend our standards and responsibilities throughout our supply chain, with a commitment to fundamental human rights and environmental standards. We currently source a significant portion of our materials from local sources and aim to increase traceability further into our supply chain. Select collections include TENCEL™ fibers in the backcloth, a leading material in traceability and certified sustainable sourcing.

Long term Objectives:

  • Promote awareness of human rights in the supply chain and assess suppliers for compliance with human rights standards
  • Trace our supply chain back to raw materials, verifying the source, contents, and production conditions

Sustainability Governance & Reporting

To achieve these ambitious sustainability objectives, we commit to assigning high-level responsibility and investing as feasible in solution innovation. We track our performance over time for continuous improvement.

Long term Objectives:

  • Transparent and consistent reporting of sustainability KPIs over time
  • Maintain and/or exceed compliance with all laws and regulations pertaining to sustainability objectives
  • Allocate appropriate resources and authority to achieve sustainability goals
  • Externally verify sustainability performance using third party assessments and reporting frameworks, and continually improve performance