Our proprietary Takumi™ Technology makes up the DNA of every roll leaving our mill. Continually perfected, Takumi is the only process able to achieve the premium quality of Ultrafabrics.

These principles define our proprietary Takumi technology, inherent in the creation of Ultrafabrics polyurethane materials. Our dedication to perfection and consistency delivers an experience that changes the definition and expectations for performance fabrics.

Taking its meaning from the Japanese word ‘artisan’, this innovative process engineers mastered performance directly into each layer – combining them into one unified system that assures enduring bond strength and longevity.


Protective Surface Layer

  • Adds extreme durability with ease of care and low maintenance.
  • Protects from stains.
  • Withstands cleaners and disinfectants.
  • Non-allergenic and odor free.
  • Liquid and moisture repellent.

Topskin Layer

  • Unique polycarbonate resins, engineered for maximum hydrolysis resistance and enduring strength
  • Quality pigments are infused for lasting color vibrancy.
  • Consistent grain retention.

Microfoam Layer

  • Polycarbonate foam structure for added comfort.
  • High moisture transfer provides ultimate thermal comfort for body climate regulation.


  • Reinforced rayon fibers, or blends, provide dimensional stability.
  • Superior foundation delivers high performance and upholstering ease.

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