We have set ambitious, “future-fit”, long term goals in the action areas outlined below. In each area, we are assessing our current state, defining KPIs, and setting concrete time-bound targets for action.

We recognize that achieving true sustainability may require technical and material solutions that do not yet exist, and we share our journey in the spirit of authentic transparency. As we gather data, initiate new research, and advance material innovation we will continually update this page – we invite you to follow our journey here.

Designed for Longevity

Our proprietary TakumiTM Technology makes up the DNA of every roll leaving our mill. Continually perfected, Takumi is the only process able to achieve the premium quality of Ultrafabrics.

Taking its meaning from the Japanese word ‘artisan’, this innovative process engineers mastered performance directly into each layer – combining them into one unified system that assures enduring bond strength and longevity.

Long term Objectives:

  • Measure and increase high-quality product lifespan
  • Demonstrate product longevity, durability

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Product Health and Safety

We aim to maintain and increase our stringent indoor air quality certifications and make these publicly available along with Health Product Declarations (HPDs) for every collection. Over the long term, we will monitor all substances used for potential consumer health impact concerns, and work with our suppliers and industry groups to reduce and replace any potentially harmful substances used across the industry.

Long term Objectives:

  • Maintain Indoor Advantage Gold certification, achieve additional, stringent air quality certifications
  • Monitor, reduce, replace all substances of concern (or potential concern) for health hazard and/or pollution

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Process Health and Safety

We monitor for health and safety concerns and undertake a continuous risk assessment to create the safest environment possible or our employees and surrounding communities.

  • We are consistently achieving a 98% recovery rate in our current solvent recovery.

Long term objectives:

  • Ensure manufacturing wastewater discharge does not have any adverse impact on communities and the environment
  • Protect the manufacturing community air quality by reducing or eliminating emissions of harmful substances
  • Eliminate harmful impacts from product care and non-manufacturing activities
  • Monitor and reduce employee accidents from physical and chemical risk in the workplace, investigate any long-term health impacts of workplace environments