Welcome to the Ultrafabrics Color Lab, our hub of color innovation.

With a long history of color leadership thanks to our thoughtful palettes, extensive offering and customized developments, this is the place to explore the INSPIRATION, PURPOSE and EXPERIENCE of color.

The Ultrafabrics Color Lab analyzes cultural influence, societal impacts, consumer behaviors and trends across industries to create a series of regular content that will educate and excite both brands and designers around the world.



Annual Color Inspiration

2021 Conscious Ground For 2021, five concepts have emerged which consider the sensitivity of the new consumer mindset. Each color palette is grounded, sensible and free from an expiration date. You’ll find the material surfaces, whether it be the touch, texture or gloss level, to be practical and versatile. The intent of each concept is truly individual, yet cumulatively they speak to
a higher level of consciousness in design.

To book a presentation, contact:education@ultrafabricsinc.com

The Edge

The Edge - Our monthly blog that reports on color innovations we are
spotting around the world. From Bottega Veneta's bold packaging change
to the introduction of a brand-new blue, The Edge shares the latest and
greatest from our colorful world.

To read The Edge, click here.

Women on Color

Case studies, told by female designers and color authorities, on how they’ve used color to solve problems.

We will hear from Larah Moravek Partner at Dutch East Design, Textile Designer and Color Enthusiast Kimberle Frost, Furniture Designer Juliette Spencer, Interior Designer Melody Vaughn and much more.

Color Perspective

More than a moment, Color Perspective is our monthly color point of view. 

Each month we select one foundational color and curate a series of color stories that spark ideas and seamlessly integrate with today’s design aesthetics.

This month’s featured color – Ultraleather Pro Raw Sienna